Campaigners continue to fight traveller site plans

Cottingley Springs Caravan Site.
Cottingley Springs Caravan Site.

Local residents and councillors are going to work together to campaign against plans to expand the Cottingley Springs Travellers site.

The campaigners will make representations at a public inquiry following a decision by the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles to call in the application.

Morley Borough Independent councillor, Robert Finnigan said: “We are going to continue our campaign and represent the local community at the Public Inquiry.”

The group is already being advised by a local planning consultant on how to oppose the application.

Coun Finnigan said: “This application is opposed by local residents, local councillors and many Travellers themselves as they know it will lead to greater problems on the site so we will do everything we can to stop the proposal going ahead. Planning policies are clear on rejecting applications for sites on Greenbelt land and directs councils to look for smaller family sites on brownfield land.”