Campaigners start petition for surgery

Thorpe and East Ardsley campaigners.
Thorpe and East Ardsley campaigners.

Campaigners fighting for a doctor’s surgery to be built in East Ardsley have launched a new petition.

Plans for a health centre in East Ardsley, which would also serve residents of Thorpe, were approved 10 years ago but the developer pulled out before work started.

Now residents, pharmacists and councillors have launched a petition to get the plans reconsidered as the nearest surgeries to the villages - in Lofthouse and Tingley - are three miles away.

Campaign leader Margaret Foster, of Stanhope Grove, Thorpe, said: “We have had a lot of interest in the last week and people have really been stepping it up.

“Something needs to be done now, it has been a long time coming and houses are being built all over the place with nothing to compensate it - no new doctors, dentists or nurseries - and certainly not a health facility. We are isolated and we need a health centre, now more than ever.”

NHS England said it was working with the local Clinical Commissioning Group, which manages healthcare provision across the district, to review the services.

Kathryn Hilliam, head of Co-commissioning for NHS England said: “Residents of East Ardsley do currently have access to local GP services, although we do recognise that these are not in the immediate locality.

“NHS England will continue to work closely with its colleagues in Leeds South and East CCG in reviewing access to primary care services.”

Campaigners handed out petitions and flyers this week and will be canvassing the villagers for support during the next few weeks.

It has been backed by Leeds City Councillor Jack Dunn and Thorpe Pharmacy.

The proposed facility would be built on land near the entrance to the Meadow Side estate in East Ardsley, at the junction of Fall Lane and Meadow Side Road.