Campaigners vow to keep fighting Wide Lane housing plan

The green field sites off Wide Lane, Morley.
The green field sites off Wide Lane, Morley.

Morley residents have pledged to keep battling against the development of a green field site on Wide Lane.

Limited planning permission was granted by Leeds City Council, to allow housing developer Persimmon outline permission.

Coun Shirley Varley, who lodged a formal objection to the proposal, said: “We know this site is unsustainable as local schools have no room for the children this site will generate and local health centres and roads are already working to full capacity.

“This is an unnecessary development when developers have already been granted planning permission for over 18,000 new homes on brownfield sites across the Leeds City Council area which have not yet been built. It is utter madness to lose this pleasant greenfield site while other options exist.

Residents attended the meeting which was addressed by Coun Robert Finnigan who spoke against the application.

Coun Finnigan said: “There is massive local opposition to this proposal and it will do nothing to resolve the real housing needs for those Morley families on the housing waiting list as the developer is offering no affordable homes at all on this site.

“We oppose it because we know this location floods and - in light of the present problems facing home owners across the country with flooding - granting planning permission in a flood zone is ridiculous. We will continue to work with local residents to continue to oppose this unnecessary development on an important Morley greenfield site.”