Campaigners win fast-food battle for the fifth time

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Campaigners are celebrating a decision by planning chiefs to refuse permission for a McDonalds fast food restaurant to built in Tingley for a fifth time.

The refusal decision follows four previous refused applications and a refusal decision by a Planning Inspector on appeal to build a restaurant at the former White Bear pub site off Tingley roundabout.

Coun Judith Elliott said: “We are delighted that councillors have again refused this planning application. We have consistently said this is the wrong location for a fast food takeaway because of Highways safety issues and its proximity to Woodkirk Academy.”

The application was refused following a site visit on Thursday last week followed by a two hour debate.

Coun Wyn Kidger said: “Over 30 residents turned up at the site visit which was good humoured and gave councillors a useful insight into the concerns residents had. Many of the same residents attended the Panel Meeting in the afternoon to listen to the debate.”

Councillors refused planning permission for the application after listening to speakers from the local residents group and Woodkirk Academy. Representatives from McDonalds spoke at the meeting but were not able to convince councillors to grant planning permission.

Coun Robert Finnigan, who sat on the Panel, said: “The application was refused because of concerns over Highway safety and the impact on residential amenity for the homes next to the site. We also refused planning permission because of the negative impact it would have on the health and safety of children attending Woodkirk Academy.”

Coun Neil Dawson also welcomed the decision. He said: “I have opposed the previous applications and welcome this decision. I believe there are still significant highways and environment issues with this drive-thru restaurant in a residential area.”