Campaigning for Brexit and winning referendum vote is my top achievement

Andrea Jenkyns, Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood.
Andrea Jenkyns, Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood.

Tireless campaigning for Brexit in Yorkshire and helping win the EU referendum for Vote Leave is Andrea Jenkyns biggest triumph during her first year in office.

The Conservative MP made the headlines when she ousted Labour’s Ed Balls from the Morley and Outwood constituency at the 2015 General Election but locally she has made an impact as a strong defender of Britain’s interests.

“I was the Yorkshire Brexit co-ordinator and that was a really proud moment for me.

“As a proud Briton and someone who has always been a sceptic it was a great result,” said Ms Jenkyns, who was Vote Leave’s regional campaign director.

“We didn’t get constituency by constituency results but I know that Morley is a very eurosceptic town, and I am really proud of the way that Yorkshire voted overall.

“Early on when I was a candidate on the campaign trail in Morley I went around the constituency with my stall campaigning for a referendum in the first place.

“It was called ‘give people a voice’ and that was three years ago, so it’s always been a subject very close to my heart.”

Her Handz campaign also took off this year with its aim of encouraging people to wash their hands more often, particularly in hospitals.

Deeply affected by the death of her father Clifford, who contracted the superbug MRSA following a routine hospital procedure, she said she was shocked by the lack of awareness of basic hygiene.

It drove her on to become elected as an MP and later this year she will be rolling out her campaign in schools to reinforce the simple message of hand hygiene.

She said: “It’s what I went into politics for, to raise awareness of patient safety and stop the spread of infection.

“The best thing about being an MP is that you can change things and get stuck in.

“You don’t just have to wait on the sidelines.”

In just a year her team have got through thousands of pieces of case work and while not every constituent gets the result they are after, they can give support when people have tried every other option.

“The cases that stick in my mind are the ones that make a difference to people’s lives, like helping families that have been separated by immigration rules and problems over benefit decisions.

“Most people that come to me are at the end of their tether so it’s always good to help.”

What do you love most about your constituency?

“Morley itself is one of the most patriotic towns in the UK. It celebrates St George’s Day with a great demonstration and Yorkshire Day and that’s what I love about the area.

What is your favourite place to eat?

“Being a vegetarian Sue’s Kitchen in Morley does a great veggie breakfast.”

Your favourite day out?

“We have some great village festivals which are always brilliant. I love going to scarecrow festival at Gildersome and the festival at Drighlington. Being a girl who loves shoes, I also like shopping at the White Rose Shopping Centre.”