Can you solve mystery of wartime camp in Scarcroft?

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A Morley businessman is hoping to solve the mystery of a military camp supposedly set up in Scarcroft during World War Two.

Phil Mone, a director with recycling firm Mone Brothers, is keen to find out more about the camp, which he believes was home to Russian or Polish soldiers during hostilities.

“We had heard rumours about a prisoner of war camp located directly next to Scarcroft Grange manor house on land owned by Mone Brothers,” said Phil.

“I’ve spoken to some of the neighbours and they believe it was for Russian or Polish soldiers but, given they were on our side, it doesn’t appear to be a prison camp. There are a number of foundations around the 45-acre site and the camp even had its own water treatment system. We would love to know if anyone can help out with more information.”

Scarcroft Grange was the childhood home of Lady Sue Ryder of Warsaw, founder of the Sue Ryder Foundation charity.

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