Capernwray students say farewell to Morley

International students say farewell.
International students say farewell.

A team of international theological students have been commended and thanked for their generosity and hard work in Morley.

Morley Mayor and Deputy Mayor councillors Tom Leadley and Simon Kimberley welcomed the team in the Mayor’s Parlour at the town hall on conclusion of their fortnight in the town.
Coun Leadley thanked them on behalf of Morley for their hard work on a wide range of projects during their stay.

The team of 10 students from around the world were invited to the town by Morley Community Church as part of their Community Links week. They gave an incredible 1,200 volunteer hours and helped 14 local organisations.

Their projects included a pensioners luncheon and tea, four community coffee mornings, an after school children’s club and two midweek youth events.

They spent one Saturday morning giving away a large quantity of calendars with spectacular photographs worth over £800, obtained from a national publisher.

They also spearheaded the Amazing Journey exhibition in six local primary schools where 550 children attended a total of 13 presentation sessions.

These gave a whistle stop tour of the major events and characters in the story of the Old Testament through an interactive exhibition of drama and picture panels. They took on acting roles of key characters in the narrative such as Moses and the ten commandments, Noah and his Ark, David and Goliath and Daniel in the Lions Den.

They also provided a free children’s workbook on Kings, Pharaohs and Bandits from the British Museum and supplementary materials to the retail value of £2,000 for use by six participating schools in the Morley area.

Scores of jars of jam and tablets of soap were given away by them to elderly people as a momento of their visit to the town.

The team also took part in worship services at Morley Community Church and Newlands Methodist Church.

The team from Capernwray College near Lancaster included four Canadians, four Americans, one German and one Egyptian.

Their team leader was John Ingraham and Rachel Tattersall from the USA and Canada. They are all studying theology.

The students are all taking a one year theological course and one of its requirements is that they spend a placement period working alongside communities and churches to gain practical experience.

In addition to their reception by the Mayor, they were treated to an historical tour of Morley Town Hall by Coun Dalton.