Celebrating town’s links with Germany

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Dozens of Germans will visit Morley as part of a special exchange celebrating the town’s links with Siegen.

The 50th anniversary of the official twinning agreement between Morley and the German city of Siegen takes place in July.

And 27 elderly people from Siegen will spend four days in Morley this summer to mark the milestone.

The partnership between the two areas has led to dozens of exchange visits in the last half-century, including youth exchanges, swimming clubs, football teams, choirs and gardening clubs.

Frances Jones, member of the Siegen Circle, which helped organise the visit, said: “We have had a lot of fun during these recent visits.

“We would like to encourage more people in Morley and elsewhere to join us, either as hosts or friends of the group.”

Mr Jones said the event is open to anyone in the district to attend, and speaking German is not required.

Mayors from Morley and Siegen have also exchanged in the past as a result of the partnership.

Hundreds of children from both areas have also exchanged as part of the twinning over the last 50 years.