Charity challenge to help brave Archie

Money is being raised to get little Archie a sensory room to help with his development.
Money is being raised to get little Archie a sensory room to help with his development.

Four friends are to take on a huge challenge to help create a better life for a poorly two-year-old boy who has already undergone surgery 16 times in his short life.

Morley’s Stephen Gaughan is being joined by friends Lisa and Dave Mitchell and James Hawesworth to take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks in April to raise money for a sensory room for little Archie Cavanagh at a cost of around £10,000.

Archie has SWAN syndrome (Syndrome Without a Name), which means he has a defect with almost every organ in his tiny body - except for his liver and intestines. He is also visually impaired and has hearing loss.

The condition is so rare that Archie is on a genetic study, looking into his parents’, Dean Cavanagh and Demi Lindley, DNA with the hope of one day finding a diagnoses for all of Archie’s problems.

So far, Archie has spent lots of time in hospital, which has affected his development - the reason why family and friends are fundraising to provide a sensory room, which will encourage and improve his development and his quality of life.

Stephen Gaughan said: “I decided to help try and get Archie a sensory room after talking with Lisa Mitchell, Demi’s close friend. Archie’s parents are just 22 years old and his dad works hard to support Demi, who is Archie’s full time carer and of course, Archie.

“There’s no way they could afford to raise the £10,000 themselves and indeed, they are too proud to ask for any help from anyone so we decided, led by Lisa, to take on the huge task of raising the money without telling them, as we knew Demi would have said no, although she knows about it now.”

Archie has a lot of equipment that has to be stored at home feeding equipment, he uses home oxygen, has a saturation monitor, suction machine and a feed pump. Along with the physical equipment bath seat, wheelchair adapted buggy and two forms of seating.

Stephen said: “To see Archie sitting in his sensory room and being able to try different things that he wouldn’t normally get to see which will help him develop as he grows would mean the world to all of us, after all the operations and hard times his family has been through, they deserve this and we will succeed in getting this room, No matter how long it takes.”

To donate to Archie’s fund, visit his GoFundMe page at