Church twin toilets to help poor communities

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Members of St Peter’s Church have ‘twinned’ their toilets to help provide sanitation for poor communities around the world.

The church’s recent harvest service raised £360 - enough to pay for six toilets to be built in villages in developing countries and educate their residents about hygiene as part of the Toilet Twinning charity campaign.

Those who attended the harvest cafe event had fun ‘spending a penny’ by throwing their donations into a mocked-up loo, and the final total means each toilet in the church and church hall can now be duplicated. The Toilet Twinning project will send framed photos of the new toilets once they are constructed.

The charity supported by St Peter’s aims to combat conditions such as diarrhoea, dysentery and snake bites by giving communities access to clean, safe toilets suitable for their circumstances.

Nearby Asquith Primary School have also joined the project and hope to twin some of their children’s toilets through fundraising. Anyone can take part by visiting