Civil War battle date marked by Society

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The anniversary of the English Civil War battle which reached the rural quarters of our town was marked last week.

On June 30 1643, Loyalist troops fighting for the beleaguered King Charles I marched through Bradford to Adwalton Moor where they fought with the Parliamentarian Roundheads, led by Lord Fairfax.

Outnumbered by three to one by the supporters of the king, led by the Earl of Newcastle, the Roundheads were defeated and lost their last remaining stranglehold in Yorkshire as a result.

Although they lost the battle, Oliver Cromwell’s troops eventually won the war as King Charles was executed in 1649.

Britain would be without a monarch for the next 11 years.

The date was marked by members of the Leeds Branch of the St George Society, who visted the plaque devoted to the battle.

Chairman Bob Gettings said: “The history of the conflict is very interesting. The battle is quite well documented and really puts Morley on the map.”

Pictured from left to right: Steve Jones (secretary), Coun Gettings, Robert Finnigan and Wyn Kidger.