Cody continues to save lives

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An inspirational teenager has raised enough money to buy a another lifesaving machine for another school.

Cody Hartley, 13, presented Hilltop Primary School with a defibrillator machine and was joined by the man, Mark King, whose tragic loss kick-started her fundraising.

He set up The Oliver King Foundation in the name of Oliver King, a 12 year old who passed away because of SADS (sudden arrhythmic death syndrome).

Mr King now works to raise awareness about the medical condition, which affects people between the ages of 12 and 35.

Oliver died in school after a sporting event .

If a defibrillator had been on site, Oliver may still be alive.

Cody contacted Mr King, from Liverpool, to join her for her latest presentation.

This is the fifth defibrillator machine Cody has presented.

She has also raised funds for a machine at Rodilian academy, Thorpe Primary School, Blackgates Primary School and Newmillerdam Karate Club in Wakefield.

Her mammoth fundraising efforts have included a kick-a-thon, successfully doing 1,000 kicks on a strike pad, a 20 mile sponsored walk and continuous supermarket bag packing and weekend car boot sales.

Hilltop Primary School has 12 members of staff trained on the machine, which means anyone in the community that needs help can call on the school.

Cody’s proud mum, Sheree said: “The defib is registered with the ambulance service, so if anyone within 500 metres of the school rings an ambulance where one is needed, it will show them that a defib is at the school and exactly where it is.

“The school is open from 7am until 6pm so while ever it is open, it’s there for anyone who may need it - plus there are 12 members of staff on site who have been trained to use it.

“People do not realise just how many people have undiagnosed heart problems and this machine gives that fighting chance to save a life.

“Cody is still fundraising for more defibs - she has no intention of stopping.”

To find out more about Cody’s quest and how you can support her fundraising, visit her Facebook page, Cody’s Defibrillator Campaign.