COLUMN: Andrea Jenkyns MP - I look forward to seeing what’s in store

Well there we have it. After a much shorter than expected leadership contest, Theresa May is our new Prime Minister.

I’d like to commend Andrea Leadsom for avoiding nine weeks of uncertainty for the country and stepping aside.

Theresa enjoys the support of all my colleagues in the House and I’m very excited to see what plans she has for implementing the Government’s manifesto commitments and carrying through the people’s decision in the referendum.

I’m really encouraged by the Prime Minister’s statement that Brexit means Brexit.

I was very open early on in the campaign with my support for Michael Gove; he had campaigned for Leave and I felt strongly that the candidate I supported should hold the same views as the majority of voters in the referendum.

It would be a terrible mistake for the result to be kicked into the long grass.

This was not a decision that didn’t attract significant support; nothing the British people have voted on before has attracted as many votes.

The Prime Minister has not wasted any time putting that pledge into practice.

The creation of two new departments, the Department of International Trade and the Department for Exiting the European Union (nicknamed the Brexit Department), has put rocket boosters under plans to Leave.

She has put two of the most thoughtful advocates for Leave, David Davis and Liam Fox, in charge of these Departments, and it’s said the Brexit Department will be based in 9 Downing Street, putting it at the heart of the Government.

There is one Department though that will be key to our negotiations and that is the Foreign Office.

The Prime Minister made waves with one of her first appointments, making Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary.

Again, Boris and I were on the campaign trail together.

Some say he played a big part in winning the referendum for Leave.

He is known globally and will bring real ‘star power’ to our international diplomacy at what is an incredibly important time for our country.

An internationalist at heart, Boris and I both campaigned on the principle that, rather than be shackled to the European Union, Britain should be free to make her own way in the world.

Boris will now lead that charge, with David and Liam, to make new, better deals for Britain and re-assert our place on the world stage.

I’m really positive about what’s in store for Britain.

With her new Cabinet in place, the Government will get on with the job, supported by all of us in the Parliamentary Party.

I look forward to seeing what’s in store.

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