COLUMN: Andrea Jenkyns MP - Why we should vote to ‘Leave’ EU

Andrea Jenkyns MP with Fish and Chip shop owner, Valjit Singh Soor, and customers.
Andrea Jenkyns MP with Fish and Chip shop owner, Valjit Singh Soor, and customers.

With just weeks to go to the EU Referendum, I wanted this week to talk about some of the issues that may seem distant to us, but will have a real impact if the country votes the way I sincerely hope it does and we choose to Leave the European Union.

Ever since we joined the EU without the consent of the British people, we have been subjected to thousands of different pieces of legislation and regulation that have hampered businesses up and down the country.

For some of these it is easy to understand the effects they have; excess bureaucracy and rules that businesses have to wade through.

For others, it is more complex.

The EU has become so intertwined with the British economy, its regulation so overbearing, massive policy decisions that may seem remote and irrelevant have an impact right here on the high streets.

One good example of this is the fisheries policy, one of the more well-known of the EU’s policies that has had a huge impact on the UK.

The EU sought to impose quotas on the amount of fish that British fishermen can catch, and formally define the boundary that counts as British waters.

When the fishing industry continually pointed out the madness of having to throw away perfectly good fish for the sake of a quota, the system was changed, but not before the British fishing industry had been decimated.

I was invited to experience life working behind the counter in Apollo Fisheries in Morley last week.

During my shift I helped out serving customers and getting their food and helping with the general running of the store.

I was working with the fantastic manage, Valjit Singh Soor, who told me that he is supporting a Vote to Leave and take back control of fishing in the UK because of the damage that has been wrought to the EU by a policy that has traditionally been attributed to affecting our coastal towns.

Valjit is just one of the hundreds of small businessmen and women who are supporting Brexit.

Yes, the Leave campaign point to the big multinationals who lobby the EU for regulation which helps them, with huge compliance departments, and puts a huge burden on small businesses, creating a market skewed away from everyday people.

By Voting to Leave and take back control, we can truly build an economy that works for everyone, with less regulation and red tape; better for companies big and small.

I sincerely hope you will join me in voting Leave on June 23.

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