COLUMN: Politically Speaking with Andrea Jenkyns

17 May 2015 .......    Andrea Jenkyns, new Tory MP who ousted Ed Balls from his seat in Morley. TJ100849m  Picture Tony Johnson
17 May 2015 ....... Andrea Jenkyns, new Tory MP who ousted Ed Balls from his seat in Morley. TJ100849m Picture Tony Johnson

The prorogation of Parliament is a crucial point in the Parliamentary calendar.

It marks the end of the Parliamentary year and is the time that the Government has to pass all the laws it wants to in that year.

Any laws, including bills put forward by MPs, that have not become law must be re-submitted if they want them to be considered in the following term.

It is therefore a busy time for us MPs.

There is lots of uncertainty about whether we need to be in Parliament to vote on the Government’s program.

Luckily this year the House of Lords backed down on their opposition to elements of the Government’s Housing and Planning Bill so business was secured early and I was able to head back to the constituency.

Prorogation is followed by the State Opening of Parliament, which I really enjoy as a great display of the pomp and circumstance that Britain is so very good at.

The Queen’s Speech from the Throne in the House of Lords sets out the Government’s legislative agenda for the upcoming year and is written by the Government of the day.

Hence the slightly strange sight with the Queen last year talking about psychoactive substances and this year driverless cars.

The Queen’s Speech set out the Government’s agenda to improve the lives of everyone across the country and continue the work that has been done over the last year.

Since 2010 we have seen 31 million people given a tax cut, 2.5 million more people in work, 2.6 million new apprenticeships, 2.9 million people benefitting from the National Living Wage and over 753,000 new homes provided.

The Speech included a raft of measures that will modernise the lives of many who still lack access to basic services and help people at every stage of their lives.

I’m a member of the British Infrastructure Group which is pushing for better infrastructure, including broadband.

I’m delighted that measures to give every household a legal right to a fast broadband connection if they so request it.

This is a huge leap forward and will bring us on a par with many other countries around the world.

For young people the Government will introduce the new Lifetime ISA, which will help young people save for their future.

This will include support for buying a home and setting them up for retirement, measures which are crucial as we look at rising house prices and an ageing population.

As someone who has worked with prisons and looked at ways we can ensure people who have been in prison can make a valid contribution to society, I’m really pleased the Government will focus on making prisons places of education, work and purposeful activity to reduce re-offending, cut crime and improve public safety.

I’m proud to support this Government that is working to make life better for everyone in our country.

I’m always happy to hear your views too.

So, if you have any comments or there is anything you would like me to raise with the Government then please drop me an email at