Concern for ‘distressed’ young girl in car

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Police are appealing for information following a call of concern for a girl in Leeds yesterday morning.

Leeds District CID would like the driver of a blue Ford Focus hatchback to come forwards to let officers know everything is okay following a call of concern regarding a passenger.

Officers were called at about 9am yesterday (Sunday) by a woman who saw a male and two young children parked outside Eurofoods on Tong Road in Leeds.

The car was being driven by a white man in his 30s and contained a small child in a child seat an an older girl potentially aged about seven-years-old.

As the car drove off the caller said the older child looked very distressed and was banging on a window.

Detective Superintendent Pat Twiggs of Leeds District Police, said: “Officers have been investigating this call of concern and I would ask the driver of this car to come forwards to let us know everything is alright.

“This may well have been a perfectly innocent situation but as we have had a call expressing concern for the welfare of a young child, police have been carrying out enquiries.

“According to the witness the Ford Focus hatchback was a royal blue colour with the driver’s door appearing to be a lighter shade of blue to the rest of the car.

“The male driver, or anyone who has information, is asked to contact Leeds District CID on 101 referencing log number 626 of 1/11/15.”