Concerns over plan for church and community centre

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Plans are in place to open a church and community centre on an old supermarket site in Tingley.

A planning application has been submitted to Leeds City Council’s planning department by Mr Mark Simkin of Hope Church to change the use of the former Costcutter on Lowry Road into a church and meeting place for the local community.

The application states that the church/community centre would be open from 9am-8pm on Sundays, 5pm-9pm Mondays and 6pm-10pm Wednesdays.

It says: “As the church membership grows, we would anticipate being open at various times between 10am-10pm, seven days a week to serve the community.”

Objections have already been lodged by residents who are concerned about youths congregating, the number of cars and access.

One resident who lives on nearby Heatherdale Road, said: “I would like to know what plans are in place, if any, to stop youths congregating in the car park and boy racers using Heatherdale Road and the car park as a race track.

“I have been informed that the entrance to the car park was promised to be on Lowry Road after the houses were built, but now residents have to put up with the constant traffic at all hours and people speeding up and down. I know this is not just to do with this application, but I think it needs to be discussed in more detail.”

Another resident added: “Having 25-30 cars suddenly appear within a short period of time, especially at weekends, will cause annoyance to residents and there will be safety issues.”