Council puts the brakes on drivers speeding in town

Councillors Janet Harrison, Robert Finnigan and Jim Aveyard.

Councillors Janet Harrison, Robert Finnigan and Jim Aveyard. (AB268a0716)

Councillors are clamping down on dangerous motorists by installing new speed monitors across the town.

Four Speed Indication Devices (SIDs) will be put up on roads used as “rat runs” as part of plans by Morley Town Council.

They cost more than £2,000 each and monitor and record the speed of motorists at locations, instantly showing if they are over the limit.

Coun Jim Aveyard, from Morley Town Council, said: “If the devices save just one child from being hurt then it’s worth the money.

“We hope they will instil a sense of responsibility because it shows if motorists are above the limit and it might help slow them down.

“A lot of people drive too fast for their ability and that’s dangerous.

“We don’t want fatalities or road traffic collisions with pedestrians, particularly in school holidays when there are a lot of children out playing.

“We need to keep children and pedestrians safe.”

The proposed locations for the SIDs include Scatcherd Lane, Scotchman Lane, Glen Road and Wynyard Drive.

They were drawn up after councillors received complains from residents or identified the roads as potential speeding sites.

The devices will be paid for by Morley Town Council, and provided by Leeds City Council.

Councillor Aveyard said that the council aims to install the SIDs as soon as possible.

He added: “Those roads are quite often used as rat runs and we have elderly people to think of too, who aren’t as quick on their feet as they used to be.”