Council to knock back McDonald’s plans - for a SIXTH time

The White Bear pub at Tingley.
The White Bear pub at Tingley.

Repeated attempts by fast food giant McDonald’s to build a two-storey restaurant in Tingley look set to be knocked back for a sixth time.

Leeds City Council rejected the firm’s latest plans to demolish the derelict White Bear pub and create a restaurant on the site, in Dewsbury Road, in December as part of a planning battle that dates back to 2011.

Officers had initially recommended that the plans be approved but councillors sitting on its south and west plans panel thwarted the idea over suggestions noise and disturbance would encroach on the quality of life of nearby residents.

McDonald’s appealed the decision but a planning inspector dismissed the firm’s arguments in May.

A further report to be discussed by the council’s south and west plans panel on Thursday states that the proposals should again be refused because they are “likely to lead to an increase in on-street parking” outside people’s houses.

It reads: “This will introduce new noise and disturbance from engine noise, door slamming, car radios, and customer conversations, which would be a demonstrable source of nuisance and the quality of life of the nearest residents would be diminished.”

The plans include the erection of a two-storey restaurant with a drive-through as well as the completion of car parking and landscaping works.

Residents had earlier argued that the McDonald’s plans could aggravate existing traffic problems at Tingley Roundabout and the availability of fast food so close to Woodkirk Academy would be a health liability.

The fast food giant argued the restaurant would make use of a derelict site and create 65 jobs for local people.

A McDonald’s spokeswoman said: “We will be taking time to consider the decision and options available.”

The final decision of a planning inquiry revealed in May that an appeal by McDonald’s to build a restaurant in Tingley had been dismissed.

Lodged for a fifth time on behalf of the fast food firm, the application outlined plans to create a two-storey restaurant and drive-thru at the White Bear pub site.

The appeal decision said the main issues with the application were the effects on nearby residents and road safety.

Coun Robert Finnigan, who spoke at the inquiry and opposed the development, said after the decision: “We are relieved more than anything because their resources are enormous and we did it on a shoestring. This wasn’t sleight of hand, or a magician’s trick, we persuaded the planning inspectorate that we were right.”