Couple set sail to celebrate wedding anniversary

Brian & Penny Meredith celebrate their Blue Sapphire wedding anniversary (65 years).'Picture Ref: AB569a1215
Brian & Penny Meredith celebrate their Blue Sapphire wedding anniversary (65 years).'Picture Ref: AB569a1215

A couple who have a passion for travelling celebrated their blue sapphire wedding anniversary in style with a party on a cruise ship.

Brian and Peggy Meredith spent three weeks travelling around Europe, including stopping in Madeira, Tenerife and the Canary Islands.

The cruise ship staff organised a surprise party for the couple, who were celebrating 65 happy years together on Wednesday, December 9.

Mrs Meredith, 82, said: “They made a fuss of us. They had a party and gave us a boutique of flowers and presents. It was really nice of them.”

The couple, who used to live on Ings Road, Batley, continued the celebrations when they returned home after their daughter, Linda Hardy, organised a party.

Mrs Meredith said: “It was a really special few weeks and it was lovely for all the family to be together.”

The couple first met at a dance hall in Batley, when Mrs Meredith was 16 years old.

She said: “Brian was 21 and we were both out with friends. I remember he came over to speak to me and that was that.”

The pair began dating and after 18 months together, they tied the knot at Staincliffe Parish Church.

Mr Meredith, 87, worked as a supervisor at Rest Assured in Birstall Smithies for 20 years.

He worked alongside his wife, who worked as a supervisor at the firm for 26 years. They both retired in 1992.

The couple enjoy travelling and spending time with their family. They have visited several continents around the world and have travelled to countries including Trinidad and Tobago, Canada and India.

Mrs Meredith, of Longlands Road, Ossett, said: “We did not have a honeymoon when we married but we have since made up for it by travelling to lots of different places.

“We go on holiday to the Costa del Sol in southern Spain with the family every summer and we always go somewhere hot in the winter.”

Mrs Meredith said the secret to a long and happy marriage was enjoying each other’s company.

She said: “It is like the old saying ‘play together and stay together’. “We have only been apart for a couple of weeks when Brian was called up for national service.

“The rest of the time we have tried to enjoy our time together.”

The couple share lots of similar interests including playing crown green bowls.

Mrs Meredith said: “We used to play bowls at Batley park all the time and we both go to the gym together. We go at 7.30am every morning, which is something we like to do together.”

The couple have two children and six grandchildren.

And Mrs Meredith said they like to spend time with their family during their spare time.