Couple ‘were close’ before ‘rape’ at swingers’ club

Jeremy Frazier Newsome Smith, 45, formally of Tingley.
Jeremy Frazier Newsome Smith, 45, formally of Tingley.

The owner of a Sheffield swingers’ club told a jury that a cabaret performer and a woman seemed very close and friendly before he is accused of raping her.

Barry Calvert, the owner of Attercliffe club La Chambre, caught glimpses of Jeremy Frazer Newsome Smith – who was dressed as Herman Munster – and a 22-year-old woman during the club’s Halloween party on October 27 last year.

Married dad Smith, aged 45, formally of Tingley, denies rape.

Mr Calvert told the jury at Sheffield Crown Court that Smith and two pals were at the club to perform in a show and the woman, who was dressed as a vampire, had volunteered to take part in it.

He said he saw Smith and the woman later in the evening.

“They were very close. I couldn’t see if they were kissing. They were very close, very together, and were whispering in each other’s ears,” he said.

The jury heard the man, the woman and their friends went upstairs to watch an orgy in the club’s playrooms before becoming separated from their group.

The woman alleges Smith, now living in London, took her to a mirrored room and raped her.

Mr Calvert said he was not aware of the allegation until a staff member told him the woman had locked herself in a toilet cubicle and would not come out until Smith left.

He said: “He didn’t want to leave the building.

“He wanted to drink and have a chat. He was gobsmacked when we told him to leave because this girl had said he had forced himself on her.”

Mr Calvert said his wife, Marie, spoke with the woman and her two friends before they left in a taxi.

He added: “They were laughing and joking. It came as a shock when I found out they had gone straight to the police station.”

The trial continues.