Gildersome man on trial for attempted child abduction

A GILDERSOME man is on trial accused of trying to kidnap a 13-year-old girl.

Roy Barton, 30, of Wakefield Road, is said to have tried to pull the girl into his silver Hyundai car at about 2.20pm on January 9 this year.

Prosecutor Nicholas Askins told Leeds Crown Court on Monday the young victim saw a man the prosecution says was Barton sitting in his car by the side of the road when she was walking in Middleton at about 2.20pm.

She said he smiled and pulled a ‘strange face’, and as she walked past the car he jumped out and grabbed her arm, pulling her towards the car.

She screamed and a passer-by ran over. He said: “The man said, ‘just leave her, she’s being silly. She knows me, I’m picking her up from school’.

“The other man pulled her away, saying ‘get off her, she’s only a young lass, you perv’.”

The driver then sped off and the victim carried on – but the man caught up with her again, saying, ‘just come with me, what are you being silly for?’ She told him, ‘I don’t know you, go away’, and ran towards a man walking nearby, who walked her home before contacting police.

Mr Askins said: “By the time of this incident the defendant appeared to have become frustrated with his failure to attract the interest of any females he had approached that day, so he went further with the victim in trying to abduct her.”

Barton is also accused of engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child as well as six breaches of a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO) made last October after he admitted 10 offences of exposure.

He said on December 5 last year Barton had pulled over near a 12-year-old girl walking in Middleton, Leeds, got out of his car and walked up to her.

He said he was committing a sexual act on himself and watching a pornographic film on his phone. The girl ran into a house nearby and Barton made off.

Barton is also accused of following two 14-year-old girls, staring and smiling at them, leaving them very scared.

And he allegedly approached a 19-year-old girl in his car in Middleton on three separate occasions – one just minutes after he is said to have tried to kidnap the 13-year-old.

Mr Askins said Barton had already admitted breaching his SOPO 11 times between October 28 last year and January 9 this year – with seven of the offences taking place in one day.

But he said Barton, who was living in Westgate, Heckmondwike, at the time of the offences, denied being the man who carried out the eight offences he was on trial for.

Barton denies all the charges.