Dangerous dog attacked student, milkman and five-year-old boy

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A dangerous dog attacked a student and a milkman before biting at the head of a five-year-old boy after escaping from its owner’s garden.

Leeds Crown Court heard all three victims of the Japanese Akito called Zeus had to have hospital treatment, two of them needing stitches in their injuries following the drama in Cottingley Drive on February 15.

The dog was left outside Janette Kearns’s home without a muzzle in spite of a previous court order it should wear one in public, after an earlier attack on a boy in 2013

Stephanie Hancock prosecuting told the court the first victim 18-year-old student Ryan Ward was walking past the garden.

It jumped up and bit his right arm knocking him to the ground. He was on his hands and knees when the dog then bit him again on his left leg before biting the back of his head.

A neighbour who knew the dog intervened shouting its name which distracted it but the dog then turned its attentions to John Bagshaw, 53, a milkman on his rounds.

The court heard it “clamped its jaw on to his arm”. He was waving it around trying to shake it off and eventually managed to pull his arm free.

Miss Hancock said it turned its attention to a five-year-old boy.

His mother rushed out after hearing a scream and found him upset saying a dog had bit his face. She could find no mark there but discovered a puncture mark on the back of his head

All three were treated at Leeds General Infirmary Mr Ward needing 12 stitches to the wound on his head and Mr Bagshaw also had to have stitches.

Kearns, 61 of Cottingley Drive, admitted being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control and was given a six month prison sentence suspended for 18 months.

A destruction order was made for the dog.

The Recorder of Leeds Judge Peter Collier QC said he accepted there was no malice involved.