Diabetic Sheree takes to the streets

A THORPE mum-of-three is preparing to join 11,000 other runners in the Leeds 10K Jane Tomlinson Run For All to raise money for a family friend.

Sheree Hartley, 38, of Daisy Vale Mews, came up with the idea to take part in the run during a New Year's Eve chat with friend Kath Bayliss.

Kath decided to raise money for an African animal charity she supports and Sheree thought of a diabetes charity – a condition she was diagnosed with 17 years ago.

But after learning family friend, 38-year-old Jason Hawker, also from Thorpe, was diagnosed with a brain tumour, she decided there was no better cause.

"It took me a while to ask Jason and his wife Kerry if I could do the run for him, but after we all got over the tears he said yes.

"The money raised will be for Jason, Kerry and their four children to spend on anything they want – perhaps a holiday when he finishes his treatment. It gives them something to look forward to."

Sheree is now planning a series of runs around Thorpe with fellow runner Kath to get a taste of what's ahead on June 22.

"I've been told about a route that is around seven miles, so if I can manage that then the six-mile one won't seem as bad!

"I would really like to raise more than 1,000, but if I could get more then that would be great. There is a sponsor form in the shop on Stanhope Road, where I also work, so if you want serving you will have to sponsor me!"

And as Sheree makes her way around the course, husband Hughie and three daughters Laura, 21, Jordan, 14 and six-year-old Cody, will all be there cheering her on.

"It will be a challenge and with all the exercise being a type one diabetic makes it even harder, so I will have to make sure I have plenty of carbs beforehand!

"But I am looking forward to it and because it's for such a good cause I will do it. If your mind is set on something then you just do.

"Plus, after getting so much sponsorship I can't let Jason down now!"