‘Disgusted’ coffee shop owners replace cash lost in poppy box theft

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Kind-hearted Café owners have dug deep to replace the money from a poppy collection box stolen from their shop.

Yvonne Callaghan said she and her husband Nigel were so disgusted by the thief who quietly snatched the box from the counter at Pontefract Bus Station, that they wanted to make up for the loss.

The pair, who have run The Coffee Shop Café for more than 40 years, said they were shocked when they realised the box was missing.

Yvonne said: “We always put money in, but this year we put more in to make up for what was stolen.

“It was nearly full and there’s usually about £30 in one of the boxes. We were just so disgusted that we wanted to make it up.

“We normally chain them down, I suppose you have to in this day and age, but I think we were still shocked that anyone would do that.

“It’s the first time it’s happened to us but it won’t put us off. We collect all-year round for the Royal British Legion.”

The poppy appeal is the Legion’s main campaign to raise money for former servicemen.

Yvonne and Nigel noticed the box had gone missing sometime between 12 and 1.30pm on Monday, November 7.

The police were informed and CCTV inside the bus station was reviewed but it failed to identify the culprit.

Amy Gregson, of the Royal British Legion, said: “We are shocked and saddened to hear of the theft, however, we would like to thank Yvonne and Nigel Callaghan for very generously donating to the appeal to replace the money that was stolen.”

Pontefract councillor, David Jones, condemned the thief, saying: “It’s very disappointing that given how hard people work to raise these funds which go to good causes and the ex-soldiers who have devoted their lives to this country.

“It’s a sad day that someone has to stoop to stealing money like that.”