Dr Kate brings campaign to city’s nurses

Dr Kate Granger.
Dr Kate Granger.

A doctor from East Ardsley has spoken at a Leeds practice nurse’s conference as part of her ‘Hello, my name is…’ campaign.

Dr Kate Granger, who works at Pindersfields Hospital and is a terminally ill cancer patient, aims to promote compassionate care within the NHS and the importance of building a relationship between healthcare professionals and their patients.

Her campaign, encouraging doctors to introduce themselves to patients, has received worldwide recognition and is based upon her own experiences as a patient.

She said she was really pleased to have been asked to speak. “I know from personal experience what a huge difference this can make when you are being cared for by a number of health and care professionals,” Dr Granger said.

Joining her was Coventry-based GP Dr Alison Payne, who talked about the effects of female genital mutilation and how to treat those affected.