Driver’s £305 bill after parking penalty snowballs

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A driver has been forced to pay more than £300 after a parking dispute escalated.

Paul Ritchie was originally issued with a fixed penalty notice and a £30 fine after he parked on Highcliffe Road while he dropped his five-year-old son off at St Francis Catholic Primary School.

Paul, 45, said he genuinely believed he was parking legally as he did not see any road markings where he left the vehicle and had seen other parents park there on a regular basis.

He said he pleaded guilty to avoid any hassle and substantial legal costs but offered photos of the road to the court as evidence that he was not obstructing the road.

However, he has now been left with a bill for more than 10 times the original penalty after magistrates sitting in Wakefield upped the fine to £220 and ordered that he pay £85 in court costs.

Paul, of Mozart Way, Morley, explained: “It serves as a warning to anyone else wanting to park there.

“The whole episode has been distressing for my family. I am not a person who is cavalier or arrogant about where they park or how they drive.

“I have never had a parking ticket or speeding fine in my life.

“The charge was causing an unnecessary obstruction causing other road users to use the wrong side of the road, but I have photographic evidence that proves this was not the case.”

Car parking in Morley has long been an issue of contention among road users, with neighbourhood police cracking down on such offences in recent years, especially around schools.