Police launch crackdown on “atrocious” school parking

Many schools are reporting issues with parking.
Many schools are reporting issues with parking.

Anti-social parking at schools throughout Morley is a fatal accident waiting to happen and a nuisance to people living nearby, it’s been widely claimed.

Last week, police took action against illegal parking around Churwell Primary School, after a number of complaints, by handing out fixed penalty fines of £30.

But Churwell is not alone, as almost all of the schools across the area struggle with the issue of parking during drop-off and pick-up times.

And the problem is now a policing priority, after motorists have ignored several warnings.

Insp Paul Sullivan, who leads Morley Neighbourhood Policing Team described some of the inconsiderate parking as “atrocious.” He has vowed to take action against those who are in breach of the law.

He said: “In the worst cases, school parking is absolute laziness. This is why we’re moving into on-site parking ticket enforcement in the worst areas.”

Residents have reported being blocked in by “selfish” drivers, authorities have warned of the tragedy it could cause and schools have issued endless notices.

But the dilemma continues as Morley town councillor Wyn Kidger explained that many parents were rushing to work and had a five-minute window to drop-off their children.

Although she agreed that many parents who live near to school should walk, to “lessen the problem.”

Coun Kidger, who used to live close to Newlands Primary School, said: “The road is absolute bedlam and it’s not long before there’s going to be an accident.”

Coun Robert Finnigan added: “I believe we need a zero tolerance approach to the small number of inconsiderate parents who put their own child, and other children, at risk.”

And headteacher Sue Jackson, of Drighlington Primary School, echoed the councillors’ remarks.

“It is also important to remember that ill-parked vehicles can have an impact on the lives of local residents. We aim to keep good relationships with local residents,” she said.

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