SLIDESHOW: Morley Academy students to wow audiences with Whistle Down The Wind

Pupils at Morley Academy are incredibly excited about their up and coming production of Whistle Down the Wind.

The show, due to take place tonight, tomorrow and Friday at 7pm, follows the success of previous shows such as Romeo and Juliet, Sweeney Todd, Les Miserables and We Will Rock You.

Morley Academy rehearsal for their production of Whistle Down the Wind.

Morley Academy rehearsal for their production of Whistle Down the Wind.

This 10th anniversary production aims to thoroughly entertain and delight the audience.

Ellen Thomas and Lorraine Miller are also celebrating 10 years of musicals at the academy working with a production team to encourage and challenge pupils from Year seven through to Year 13 to perform with energy, focus and flair.

Mrs Miller said: “It has been incredibly rewarding to work with such enthusiastic and resilient pupils, whose passion and determination always shine through during rehearsals.

“The commitment and dedication of our pupils always impresses us, and for many, the memories of the productions will remain with them for life.”

Miss Thomas added: “Seeing pupils begin their journey in Year seven as members of the chorus and then develop into performers who capture the imaginations of the audience, is rewarding.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Whistle Down the Wind takes the audience on a journey that tracks the innocent children’s reactions to a mysterious man hiding in a barn, contrasting these with the hostile responses of the adults. Swallow, played by Katie Smith, is caught between the children’s fantasy world and that of the adult’s reality, learning who she is as a result.

Music, sung by Richard Hall as the Man, is contrasted with electrifying rock songs performed by Megan Wilson as Candy and Matthew Lee as Amos.

With performances from Fran Leavy as Brat and Maddison McGawley as Poor Baby, along with the 100 pupils, the show is certainly going to be another emotional rollercoaster!