Election 2015 coverage coming soon

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With issues such as zero-hours contracts, international terrorism and massive spending cuts, this election looks like it could be one of the most hotly contested in living memory.

And the Observer and Advertiser will be with you every step of the way, with unrivalled coverage on the election issues that matter to you.

We will make sure everyone gets their say, from general, local and town council election candidates to our readers, making sure they have their voices heard.

A full list of general election candidates will be going into the paper, along with statements on how they plan to represent you. Statements from local election candidates will also go on our websites.

As well as our usual coverage, we are having our own Observer and Advertiser readers’ panel, getting the thoughts of ordinary local people.

On the night, we will be out and about at the count, updating our website as soon as the results are in. You can also follow minute-by-minute coverage through the night by either following our reporters’ Twitter feeds, or searching the hashtag #electionyorks for the latest on the count.

Coverage starts next week and, with the deadline looming for nominations, we will list all candidates on our website on Friday April 10.

Our readers’ panels will begin the following week, and will look at the issues that matter to local people and see which election issues matter too.

We will even conduct weekly online polls to find out what you think on who is impressing you during the election campaign.

For more on our election coverage, or to have your say, visit our Facebook site or email editorial@morleytoday.co.uk