‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, young officers go on the beat

Watch out for mini police officers operating around Westerton Primary School in Tingley.

West Yorkshire Police have been busy working with the school to tackle speeding and parking issues with speeding drivers getting a ticking off by ‘mini traffic police’.

Year 5 pupils were given the chance to lecture drivers over how fast they were driving along Westerton Road using the Pro Laser Speed Gun.

PCSO Nicola Westle has been working hard with Leeds City Council Road Safety Officers and pupils to help make the area around the school safer.

The children designed their own speeding tickets and accompanied PCSOs and Road Safety Officers to monitor the speed of motorists using a ‘speed gun’.

PCSO Westle, from Morley Outer South Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Pupils designed and made their own tickets for the drivers to hammer home the message about the dangers of speeding.

“The tickets were designed in class, along with a road safety and speeding input from Road Safety Officers. We then showed the children how to use the ‘speed gun’, stopped any motorists caught speeding and let the Year 5 pupils speak to them.

“Pupils offered the motorists a stern reminder about their responsibilities and offered a speeding ticket they designed.” The ‘Mini-Police’ initiative ran over two days and the Year 5 children were able to patrol around their school at busy times encouraging parents to park considerately and safely.

The children also handed out punishments to errant parents, such as the writing of lines by way of an apology.

Headteacher Stephanie Makin said: “Our mission continues to encourage safe, considerate parking and driving. We do encourage people to walk to school, scoot or cycle if at all possible”

The children also monitored other aspects of driving. In one hour they collected information on 125 vehicles.

Out of these: 10 drivers were speeding, 28 drivers were “distracted” which included eating, drinking, smoking, 14 were using mobile phones, and 55 drivers were not wearing seatbelts.

These issues will be addressed by West Yorkshire Police and further traffic operations will be looked at in the future.