Festive funding drive for fledging animal group

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A fledgling organisation which offers holistic treatments to animals is holding a three-week festive fundrasing drive.

Friends of Baxter, in East Ardsley, has started a fundraising campaign to raise £4,000 by Christmas and apply for registered charity status.

The organisation, currently staffed by five volunteers, offers holistic treatments to animals at affordable prices.

Founder Sue Malcolm, who runs treatment sessions in East Ardsley, says she hopes to use the cash as a springboard to expand the organisation and open therapy and healing training centres across the region.

The organisation will also aim to help lost and stray dogs, and to improve the health and lives of animals.

She said: “I have always believed that we should treat animals with the respect that they deserve, they have feelings and emotions like us.

“They feel pain like us and they shouldn’t ever be treated second best.

“Dogs depend on their owners to look after them and I always get very upset when I hear about dogs being abused - that’s why I wanted to do something about that and try to help.”

As part of the fundraiser, Ms Malcolm says she will spend a night sleeping outside if the £4,000 target is reached.

She said: “I want to share the experience of animals that are left outside all night and homeless dogs.

“I want to show people what it’s like for them because it’s so cold outside at night at the moment.”

To become a registered charity, organisations must prove an income of at least £5,000.

Ms Malcolm has already raised £1,000 with various fundraising events this year.

She set up a Friends of Baxter stall at the village gala in July and has also organised car boot sales, eBay sales and gift fairs. Ms Malcolm practices reiki, a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, on both animals and humans.

For more information about the Friends of Baxter and treatments, or to donate to the organisation, visit www.crowdfunding.justgiving.com/friendsofbaxter.

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