Find out how to become a foster carer

Sarah Hewitt from Foster Carers Associates at an open day
Sarah Hewitt from Foster Carers Associates at an open day

Morley residents interested in becoming foster carers have been invited to attend a drop-in event.

The Foster Care Associates has organised an information session to take place at its local offices on Tuesday September 1.

Visitors can meet carers and social workers while finding out how to help children who need to be placed with a caring family,

The West Yorkshire area is currently experiencing a shortage of fosterers for both single children and siblings.

They are looking for potential carers, who must have a spare bedroom.

“There is an urgent need for more foster carers across West Yorkshire.

“We are actively looking for responsible, nurturing adults who have a spare room and can give children and young people in need a foster home and the support they need to thrive and grow,” said Sarah Hewitt from the FCA.

“There are many factors that make up an ideal candidate – everything from being adaptable, resilient and nurturing to being a good listener and flexible in response to a young person’s needs.”

Fostered children are not legally adopted.

Theyremain the responsibility of their birth parents or a local authority, but are in need of a stable family home on a temporary or semi-permanent basis.

The drop-in takes place all the day and he offices can be found at Unit 5, Turnberry Park, Gildersome, Morley.