Fire safety improved at sheltered housing complex

Coun Neil Dawson has welcomed plans to improve fire safety at Siegen Close.
Coun Neil Dawson has welcomed plans to improve fire safety at Siegen Close.


Improvements to fire safety

Residents at a sheltered housing complex in Morley will soon benefit from state-of-the-art fire safety equipment.
Coun Neil Dawson has welcomed plans to install new fire detection tools at Siegen Close .
The work, undertaken by Housing Leeds, will see a new hardwired smoke and heat detection system installed in communal areas of the complex. 
The new system will deliver a higher level of cover than at present by providing smoke detection in hallways and bedrooms, and additional heat detection in the kitchen.
The work is part of a wider scheme run by the council to install new and innovative fire safety equipment throughout all its 3,750 sheltered homes. 
Work elsewhere in the city includes new radio linked detectors which send alerts to tenants in each flat warning them of a possible fire. 
The systems allow officers to tailor support to tenants who need the most assistance to ensure everyone gets the best possible help during a fire.
The planned improvements at Siegen Close will be advertised nearer the time. Residents will receive letters and meetings will take place notifying them of when the changes will be implemented. 
Training will also be provided to ensure the new systems are used correctly.
Coun Dawson said: “The council maintains an excellent fire safety record throughout its sheltered housing schemes and it is great news that state-of-the-art equipment will soon be installed at Siegen Close. 
“The new system will make the complex even safer and ensure that all the residents will receive the best assistance during a fire. 
“Whilst fires are extremely unlikely, it is important that the council invests in top-notch systems to ensure the highest safety standards are maintained.”