Firefighters save father and son from house blaze

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Firefighters rescued a “bed-bound” dad and his son from an upstairs blaze at their home, believed to have been started by an overheated tumble dryer.

Hunslet Fire Station received reports that three people were stuck in a bedroom at a home in Parkwood Crescent, Beeston, at 7.50pm last night (Thursday).

Watch commander Richard Hames said: “When we got there there was smoke coming out. One person had self-rescued but was outside coughing.

“There was another two people. One was bed-bound so was stuck in the bedroom and his son stayed with him.

“They were hanging out the window calling for assistance.

“At that stage I commanded two crews – one to fight the fire and one to assist the people upstairs. We told them to stay where they were.”

After leading the son to safety, firefighters carried the father down the stairs and out the house.

All three people involved were taken to St James’s Hospital in Leeds.

They are not thought to be seriously injured, and are belived to be back home.

Watch commander Hames has warned people that electrical appliances are “potentially lethal” if used without care.

He added that the usual reason tumble dryers overheat is because the filter inside, which stores up material from clothes, has not been cleared.