Firefighters to hold 48th strike in dispute over pensions next week

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Firefighters will walk out on strike next week as a long-running dispute with the government over pensions rumbles on.

Members of the Fire Brugades Union (FBU) across the country will hold a 24-hour strike from 9am on Tuesday, December 9.

It will be the 48th period of industrial action by members of the Fire Brigades Union since the dispute began in 2013.

The union is opposed to government plans to raise the retirement from age 55 age to 60.

Matt Wrack, FBU general secretary, said: “Firefighters are asking the Westminster government to immediately open genuine negotiations to resolve this dispute. They should also hold a House of Commons debate to fully scrutinise the legislation and there should be a parliamentary vote on the regulations.

“Firefighters will fight for however long it takes to secure a fair pensions deal - this dispute will not end as long as the regulations remain unchanged.”