Frenzied attack heard on 999 call

A JEALOUS ex-boyfriend who armed himself with four knives before entering his former girlfriend's home and subjecting her to a frenzied attack has been jailed for her attempted murder.

Carl Savage, 34, launched the attack on terrified Jane Blackburn while her nine-year-old daughter was in the house because of her relationship with another man.

On Friday Savage was jailed indefinitely for public protection at Leeds Crown Court after admitting attempting to murder her on November 7 last year at Ms Blackburn's home in The Grove, East Ardsley.

Ms Blackburn's desperate screams for help were recorded in a chilling 999 call to operators who heard Savage order his frightened ex-partner to beg for her life.

Judge Scott Wolstenholme told Leeds Crown Court: "The tape recording of the incident shows that at the time you almost sounded to be delighting in making your victim beg and went on in callous fashion to plunge the knife in again. It's difficult to imagine a more serious case of attempted murder."

Savage, of Neville Street, Wakefield, was ordered to serve at least four years and 55 days behind bars.

The court heard that Savage had sent a series of threatening text messages to Jane Blackburn, 37, and repeatedly phoned her home before she found him in her kitchen with a carving knife in his hand.

He then produced another knife from his jacket and walked towards her holding one in each hand.

At that point her new boyfriend, George Smith, entered the kitchen with her nine-year-old daughter and Savage turned his attention towards him. He chased him upstairs, where Mr Smith and the terrified youngster barricaded themselves in a bedroom. Savage then returned to attack Miss Blackburn.

Nicholas Lumley, prosecuting, told the court that Miss Blackburn was by then making a 999 call for help on her mobile phone.

When she fled into her garden, pursued by Savage and dropped the phone, the horrifying attack which followed could be heard.

Savage first stabbed her in the thigh and was heard to say "Do you want some more?" as she fell to the ground screaming for help.

Savage then stabbed her in the right breast, leaving the carving knife embedded in her body until she pulled it out.

By then Mr Smith had re-appeared and Savage briefly chased him again before returning to Miss Blackburn, who was lying bleeding on the ground. He told her she should remain there and beg or he would stab her again.

Mr Lumley said the terrified Miss Blackburn, believing she was about to be killed, got to her knees and pleaded with Savage but his only response was to stab her again, this time in the upper stomach. Again, this second knife was left embedded in the wound.

By the time he stabbed her for the fourth time in her side Miss Blackburn was slipping in an out of consciousness. Savage then left. Neighbours who tried to intervene had been threatened by him.

They heard him say during the attack "You'll never hang up on me again", referring to calls he had made earlier in the day which Miss Blackburn would not take.

She spent three days in Leeds General Infirmary and doctors assessed that had two of the wounds been any deeper Miss Blackburn might have died.

Savage, 34, was jailed indefinitely for public protection after he admitted attempting to murder Miss Blackburn.

Judge Wolstenholme ordered that Savage serve a minimum of four years and 55 days but warned him that would not mean his release at that point. He would be held until the Parole Board was satisfied he no longer posed a serious risk to the public.

Judge Wolstenholme said it was a common experience in life to be rejected by a partner. "Not many people arm themselves with knives and try to kill them in a jealous rage."

Savage also appeared to have been "delighting" in making his victim beg. "Then you went on in callous fashion to plunge the knife in again," the judge added.

Mr Lumley said Miss Blackburn began a relationship with Savage in 2000 which proved to be "tempestuous". She finally ended it last October and began seeing Mr Smith.

Ken Green, for Savage, said his client was in emotional turmoil because of the broken relationship and completely over-reacted as a result of drinking and medication for depression.