Funding finally found for memorial

THE FINAL funding has been found for the restoration of the Grade II listed Scatcherd Park War Memorial.

Councillors at Monday's meeting of the South Outer Area Committee agreed to contribute the final 10,000 needed for the 21,180 restoration project.

Coun Terry Grayshon (MBI, Morley South), who has been campaigning for the last two years for the project said he was delighted it can now go ahead.

He said: "I am very pleased that we are going to get it done, it has taken quite a while.

"The memorial is a significant historical monument. What this monument symbolises and represents is as relevant today as when it was first constructed.

"Every year thousands of Morley residents turn out for Remembrance Sunday in Scatcherd Park which shows how important it is to preserve this monument for this and future generations".

He added: "When I watch the news and see the awful situation in Iraq, Afghanistan and other conflicts around the world I remember the people who have given their lives for this country and I really felt it was time the war memorial had some work done.

"It has been there 80 years and has had nothing done to it but hopefully Britannia will soon smile out across Morley once again."

The war memorial was designed by Walter Gilbert, cost 2,500, and was unveiled in 1927 by Alderman Joseph Kirk and accepted by Mayor Alderman Thomas Marshall.

A recent survey revealed that repairs were urgently needed, so Coun Grayshon brought in expert conservators to give advice on cleaning and repairs. Inexpert cleaning could cause even more damage.

When the work is completed, late this year or early next year, there will be a re-dedication ceremony.