German youth worker heads home

Kira Rottstock.
Kira Rottstock.

A popular youth worker has returned home to Ludenscheid in North West Germany after spending a year as a youth and community worker at Morley Community Church.

Kira Rottstock had a leadership role in the YZUP! Youth Club, and helped out with a school based club at Fountain Primary School.

Morley Community Church pastor Rev Captain Stephen Wright said that the church were extremely grateful for her work.

He said: “Her warm personality and her willingness to spend time with people has been really significant. She has been able to offer friendship and understanding and this has been appreciated by so many people.”

Kira also visited the elderly and housebound to talk to those who were lonely or in need. She made a particular influence on Ruth Trepte, a resident of Jubilee Court, Marshall Street who came to Morley as a refugee in 1938. They would talk in German together and share experiences of their native country.

After offering many young people in the area her encouragement, friendliness and helpful support, Kira says she had become attached to Morley and enjoyed visiting some of Yorkshire’s tourist attractions.

Kira said she was sad to be leaving Germany but happy to return home and seeing her family again. She will be studying Latin and Ancient Greek at a college near Hanover for a year before she begins Theological studies.