Gogglesprogs star Connor wins plaudits for stage production

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Gogglesprogs star Connor Elliot showed that his skills have no bounds - after taking an unlikely role in a school production.

Connor, who attends Frobelian School, starred in the Queen of Hearts and was commended by staff at the school for taking on a role that not many boys his age would be willing to do.

Connor’s mum Joanne said: “I received a phone call from an old teacher who watched the performance and said Connor was mesmerising.

“The awards that Connor won - the Drama cup and the Tranmer history Prize - are well-deserved so we as parents are immensely proud.”

The youngster has entertained the watching public during his appearances on the popular Channel 4 show - the last episode of the series airs this Friday at 8pm.

Connor has now finished school and will be attending Woodhouse Grove School in Bradford from September.

Keeping up with his busy schedule, he is poised to take part in Jesus Christ Superstar which is on at the Wakefield theatre Royal in August.

Of course, Connor is no stranger to the stage and screen.

He took centre stage in 2013 opposite Jason Donovan, playing the part of Benji, the son of Donovan’s character Anthony ‘Tick’ in the hit musical Pricialla Queen of the Desert.

He has also spent time performing in The Tale of Mr Tumble, alongside Justin Fletcher.