Green fields sites earmarked for housing revealed

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Several controversial greenfield sites across Morley have been listed in a document dealing with sites potentially earmarked for future housing development.

Release of the site specific LDF (Local Development Framework) document follows the announcement of a housing target of around 8,000 new housing units across the wider Morley area in Leeds City Council’s Local Development Plan Core Strategy.

A meeting will be held tomorrow by the council’s Executive Board who will decide if the plan is to go ahead.

If so, a public consultation will be held in June.

A total of 74,000 houses have been planned to be built in the city.

Coun Tom Leadley, chairman of Morley Town Council’s planning committee said the proposal has a completely unrealistic total.

He said: “We have opposedthe LDF Core Strategy as we believe the housing figures in it are wrong and unsustainable.

“Everyone across Morley knows we haven’t the capacity in our schools and health centres or on our roads to accommodate the 8000 plus new houses proposed for the Morley area.
“We will look closely at this site specific document and continue to campaign against this unsustainable level of development proposed for our communities.”

Coun Leadley said that if it is decided at tomorrow’s meeting to go ahead with the plan, public meetings will be held in Morley and its surrounding villages to let people know exactly what is happening.

This isn’t the first battle Morley campaigners have had on their hands to protect their land from development,
Last year, 450 letters were received by Leeds City Council objecting to a draft plan to allow the building of 7,200 houses across the area over the next 15 years.
Of those letters, 442 were from those living in and around Morley.
Fears Morley could be swamped by housing led to the launch of a campaign by the Morley Borough Independents to get people together to fight the target.

He said: “We’re objecting to the Leeds-wide target”.Sites listed in the LDF document are:

Drighlington: Spring Gardens, Whitehall Road.

Gildersome: Large site to the west of Street Lane (behind the cricket ground), demolish the Caterpillar Depot on Gelderd Road, A piece of land at the top of Highfield View.

Churwell: Churwell Pit Hills and land between Pit Hill and the M621, Laneside Farm, Land on Churwell Hill, close to the viaduct.

Morley: Infill in the town centre, Owlers Farm, Low Moor Farm, other small sites.

Ardsley: Huge site at Dunningley (north east of Tingley roundabout), Blackgates, Haigh Wood at West Ardsley, Appleyard Farm on Syke Road, West Ardsley,, Various at Westerton Road, Land from the church fields in East Ardsley to Common Lane and to the motorway, other infill sites.