Help for dogs on Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is nearly here...
Bonfire night is nearly here...

Dogs Trust Leeds will be “chewning” into the airwaves to help petrified pooches conquer their fear of fireworks this Bonfire Night.

Staff at the rehoming centre are appealing to local radio stations to play soothing songs to help cowering canines keep calm on November 5.

A Dogs Trust survey of 3,750 pet owners shows that two-thirds of dogs are worried by fireworks and 93 per cent of their owners alter their routine during the celebrations to try to minimise the trauma on their pets.

But the charity says many dog owners are simply unaware of the effect that firework fear can have on their dogs and each year it receives calls from pet owners who do not know how to calm their pets.

Five-year-old Crossbreed, Margo, arrived at the centre as a stray last month and is very anxious. To help her get through fireworks season, staff will be making sure she gets lots of time to exercise and play before darkness falls and during the evening will keep her occupied with games and training as well as playing soothing songs, and making sure she has a comfortable place to hide in her kennel.

Dogs Trust Leeds Rehoming Centre manager Amanda Sands said: “Many dogs are worried by the loud bangs of fireworks and Margo is so terrified that we will be doing everything we can to ensure she relaxes and stays calm. Playing music is a huge part of this so we are appealing to local radio stations to play anything and everything from slow songs to love ballads and classical compositions to help her feel at ease.”

Owners can download a free sound-based treatment programme, The Sounds Scary Audio Therapy Programme, preparing young dogs for distressing noises online at