Help heroes by giving at supermarket

Help For Heroes charity's logo.
Help For Heroes charity's logo.

A supermarket chain is teaming up with a charity to raise cash for injured veterans.

Volunteers for wounded servicemen and women’s charity Help For Heroes will be raising cash at Asda’s superstore in Morley at the weekend. The fundraising drive is part of a national campaign taking place at Asda supermarkets across the UK.

The charity’s chief executive Bryn Parry said: “Help for Heroes is all about doing your bit and this event is a wonderful example of people rallying support and having a great deal of fun while they raise money for a wonderful cause.

“Sailors, soldiers and airmen who are injured today will still need our support tomorrow and in the days that follow, for the rest of their lives.

“They are still battling and we won’t let them battle alone so we’d love for as many people as possible to support them while out doing the weekly shop and help make this year a huge success.”

Volunteers will be stationed at the Howley Park Road supermarket on Saturday and Sunday and customers can donate to the charity by throwing their loose change into collection buckets.

The charity formed in 2007 to help provide better facilities for British servicemen and women who have been wounded or injured in the line of duty.

It estimates that, of the 220,560 individuals deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2014, up to 75,000 servicemen and women and their families could need support. For more information visit