Help is at hand for moving Leeds council tenants

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Latest news...

A new scheme has been launched by Leeds City Council to help tenants with the costs of moving home, making it easier for tenants to get a home that is the right size for them.

A selection of council homes are being advertised with an incentive package to help tenants cover the costs of their move.

The council will also be writing to invite tenants to apply to the scheme to help overcrowded and under occupying tenants find a suitable home through a ‘home swap’ scheme.

It will be contacting tenants on the housing waiting list who are living in a one bedroom property, who are overcrowded, and tenants in two bedroom houses who are overcrowded or under occupying.

The scheme will also help tenants living in a property adapted for a disabled person where the adaptations are no longer required.

Coun Peter Gruen, executive member responsible for neighbourhoods, planning and support services said: “I am delighted that we have launched this scheme.

“We know helping some tenants with the costs of moving home can make all the difference to them swapping into the right sized home.

“The scheme is entirely voluntary, but I would encourage tenants who want to move but can’t afford the costs of moving, to contact us to see if we can help.”

For more information call 0800 1884000 or 0113 3760410.

More information is also available on the Leeds City Council website at