Home needed for historian’s collection

Peter Aldred with just some of his collection.
Peter Aldred with just some of his collection.

A historian is appealing for help with the precious artefacts he has collected over many years.

Peter Aldred, 83, of Tingley, started the Morley Heritage Centre six years ago to help spread knowledge about the town.

The group faced setbacks including not having a permanent place to display the news articles and documents.

Mr Aldren folded the project more than a month ago and because of health problems needs a place to keep his artefacts. He wants help organising setting up a new centre

He said: “It just seems a shame, I’ve got to 83 and I just really want to get rid of it now.I lost all my family, I lost my wife, I’ve lost my two sons and I’ve nobody to pass it on to.”

Mr Aldred has recently had his aortic valve replaced and underwent a heart bypass. Five days after coming out of hospital, he got shingles, which he is still suffering from.

“All I want now is a permanent home for my collection,” he said. “It’s all stuck in my garage. The boxes are too difficult to lift and I can’t do it all.”

Mr Aldred is now seeking a new place to display his artefacts, which include old textile samples from Morley’s mills, photographs and documents. He would also like somebody to help him properly set up a new Morley Heritage Centre.

“I would want people who are genuinely interested in doing a heritage centre and helping me to put it together.

“I would be very selective in who took it over,” he added.

Previous members of the Morley Heritage Centre, originally located in Albion Street, devised a plan to have Mr Aldren’s collection homed at the old police station in Morley Town Hall. But idea was scotched by Leeds City Council after talks in 2014.

To speak to Mr Aldred about helping him set up a new heritage centre or where to locate it, call him on 0113 252 8075.