Homes plan will damage education

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A councillor has reacted angrily to Leeds City Council’s decision to grant planning permission for 200 houses in Morley, claiming the proposal will leave children receiving a second class education.

The claim, by Coun Robert Finnigan, follows news that there are not enough primary school places for children generated by the newly proposed housing site at Low Moor Farm on Albert Drive.

Over 200 people had objected to the plan amid concerns about the impact on traffic and drainage as well as school places, but eight of the Planning Panel’s 13 councillors gave the application the green light.

Coun Finnigan said: “Children’s Service, who sort out places for local children at primary schools across Morley, have already confirmed that there are 30 children who cannot be guaranteed a place at local primary schools next year.

“This planning decision will generate an additional 50 school children who cannot be offered a primary school place as all Morley schools are full.”
Coun Finnigan went on to explain that the only way of providing primary education is by craning in portable cabins to accommodate the children generated by the development.

He said: “It is accepted by most educationalists that educating children in portable cabins has a detrimental impact on the learning experience for children.

“This decision resigns Morley children to a second class education.

“The city council allows developers to rip up Morley greenfield sites without having infrastructure, schools, roads, health centre, to accommodate the additional residents these new housing estates bring.”