Housing plan threatens future of community farm

Coun Josie Jackson (front far left) pictured with concerned residents. AB164a0815
Coun Josie Jackson (front far left) pictured with concerned residents. AB164a0815

Concerned families are objecting to plans that would see community farmland demolished to make way for a new housing development.

The planning application, submitted by Persimmon Homes, would see Low Moor Farm off Albert Drive become an estate of 185 homes.



Coun Josie Jackson said that there are horses grazing in the farm’s field, which would be left homeless, and children would miss out on the community spirit of the farm, where they often help out.

Coun Jackson said: “ Families have been visiting the farmland and keeping their horses there for more than 30 years.

“Children visit and ride the horses - it’s been their home and I am livid that it could be taken away from them if permission to build this development goes ahead.

“There has been no courtesy by offering any alternative where they can keep their horses safe.

“There are a number of families who use the field - where there are about 10 horses and more recently, a foal.

“There are no alternatives as to where they can go.

“They are just going to be evicted.

“It’s just wrong when it’s something for the community as a whole and I plan on supporting the objections and fighting to the bitter end.”

Over 200 objections have already been lodged by local residents against the proposal, which includes a petition signed by 168 people.

The objections include concerns about the suitability of Albert Drive as the point of access to the new development along with the impact it would have on traffic both during construction and when new tenants move in, the lack of capacity in local amenities such as schools, doctors and dentists, concerns over the scale of the development and how it will impact on wildlife and house prices.

Morley Town Council has also lodged its objections to the planning department.