Housing target of 70,000 may change

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Housing chiefs met last week over the council’s controversial 70,000 homes plan for Leeds.

The Local Development Framework (LDF) Plan was given the green light earlier this year but may face alterations after the Office of National Statistics projected a need of just 45,000 more houses in the city by 2028.

The council have said they are committed to reviewing the original target number in light of any new information.

Neighbourhood and planning executive Peter Gruen said: “As we said when the ONS figures came out, we would look at them and take action if we think it is necessary.

“Having done so we do not feel halting the process, which would have major implications for housing in Leeds in terms of leaving the countryside immediately vulnerable, is justified at this time but we will continue to monitor the situation.

Speaking to the Observer ahead of the meeting, Coun Tom Leadley, who sits on the Development Plans Panel, said: “90 per cent of the LDF is non-contentious, it’s just that the housing target is skewed from our point of view.

“Our concern is over the size of the target.”