‘Inconsiderate’ parking causing problems, claim Morley firms

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Inconsiderate parking outside Morley train station is an ongoing nightmare for many local businesses, it’s being claimed.

Following the Observer & Advertiser’s special report on school parking problems, readers have been in touch to share their concerns about Station Road and other parking hot spots.

Bob Harder, the director of Harder Bros, said that terrible parking had made his job a nightmare over the past 18 months.

He said: “We’ve all got the right to work, even the people who are parking their cars. However, 50 per cent of our job is exporting goods and we can’t get the job done - we can’t get vehicles up the street as it’s blocked off by inconsiderate parking.”

Mr Harder said that the problem has increased over the past two years.

“It’s not long before there’s going to be an accident. We wrote to the Highways Agency, and they put a short distance of double yellows on Station Road, but this hasn’t done anything to improve the situation,” he said.

“The train station is rapidly increasing the amount of passengers, so something will need to be done to stop it affecting our job. Many of the people parking are those late for work, so something as simple as setting off earlier could be a solution to our problem.”

Wayne Cheetham, of Barwick Frames, based in Crank Mills, said that they have also had difficulty doing their job due to “horrendous” parking over the last 18 months.

“It isn’t just us, all companies in the old mill building are suffering because of the parking. We have to let JD rentals park in front of our premises because they can’t get up New Bank Street over winter due to the icy road conditions - the only problem is they can’t get back out because of parking.

“It isn’t stopping us functioning as a business, but it is making our job more difficult.”

Mr Cheetham said he believed that a little more consideration from drivers could stop the problem.

“We want people to go to work, because it means our business will thrive.

“We want a common sense approach to parking, and it looks like we’ll need 40 foot of double yellow lines outside the building to help do that.”