‘Isolated’ East Ardsley and Thorpe villagers in campaign for surgery

Thorpe and East Ardsley campaign group for new health services.
Thorpe and East Ardsley campaign group for new health services.

Campaigners who say they feel ‘isolated’ because they have to travel up to three miles to see their GP are calling for a doctor’s surgery to built in East Ardsley.

Plans for a health centre in East Ardsley, which would also serve residents of Thorpe, were approved 10 years ago but the developer pulled out before work started.

Now residents, pharmacists and councillors have launched a campaign to get the plans reconsidered because the nearest surgeries to the villages - in Lofthouse and Tingley - are too far away and already full.

Coun Jack Dunn said: “Residents have to travel around three miles because the nearest surgeries are in Tingley and Lofthouse and they’re over-subscribed with patients.

“The bus service in East Ardsley is chronic, it’s really poor and it’s difficult to get to the surgeries.

“There used to be businesses and jobs in Thorpe, but when the employment went, the village died. We want to regenerate it and we need a GP surgery. We need a modern facility in the village because people are isolated.”

The campaign is being led by Margaret Foster at Thorpe Community Centre, and has been backed by Thorpe Pharmacy.

Mrs Foster, of Stanhope Grove, Thorpe, said: “It’s not a luxury that we are asking for, it’s something that we need and that should be provided to use and never has been.

“We have so many more people here than we did ten years ago, so there’s an even bigger need for the health centre now.”

The proposed facility would be built on land near the entrance to the Meadow Side estate in East Ardsley, at the junction of Fall Lane and Meadow Side Road.

Campaigners will give out petitions in the next two weeks and are appealing to potential developers to consider buying the site.